- VFB-2060 Feedbin with Casters and Grate

Precondition material for vacuum conveying prior to entering the air stream. Feed bins are most common under Bulk Bag unloading stations or other process machinery, in order to buffer surge material from the process above.

- 16 Series - BULK Bag UnloaderS

• Four Post Unloader
​• Fork Truck Bulk Bag Unloader
​• Hoist & Trolley Bulk Bag Unloader

- 14 Series - Direct From Bag Unloader

Designed to handle free flowing, granular, pellets or powders, this unique design draws the material from the top of the bag automatically. While the bag is emptied, the carriage stretches the bag, forcing the material into the center of the bag promoting continues and complete discharge. 

- VPA-1503 - Vacuum Pick-Up Adapter

Used in conjunction with feedbins or bag dump stations that require variable system infeed rates.  Quick release flange clamps allow for changeout and cleaning without tools.

- 11 Series - Volumetric Screw Feeder

Commonly used in applications with existing or integrated dump/unloading stations that require variable system infeed rates.

- 10 Series - Vacuum Wands

Used to pick-up dry materials from drums, containers, or octoboxes in vacuum dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems.

- 19 Series - Bedding Dump Station

Commonly used in life science research cage wash operations as a means to dispose of soiled bedding material under controlled conditions. Cages can be unloaded manually or by automated equipment.

- 13 Series - Bag Dump Station

Control the unloading of small volume bags, boxes or other containers utilized in powder handling applications.  Dust created from the unloading of these materials is contained through the use of an integrated downdraft hood with dust collector in the dump station providing a safer, cleaner working environment for operators.


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PVS Process Equipment dry bulk material unloading systems and equipment are designed, engineered, and manufactured by PVS to bring customized solutions to your dry material processing operation. From vacuum pick up adaptors to bag dump stations, and bulk bag unloading, to drum &  tote unloading, PVS Process Equipment's total system focus examines your downstream processes to ensure the integration of PVS Process Equipment bulk material unloading systems and equipment provide a total system advantage by improving material introduction efficiency, ensuring accurate downstream material supply, and protecting operator interactions with material and unloading equipment.