PLEASE NOTE: *Unloading System will require additional flow promotion equipment to allow for adequate operation. Have any questions? For further information please contact



The PVS Process Equipment 14v Series Direct from Bag Unloader  takes the heavy lifting out of emptying drums or bulk bags.  Designed to handle free flowing granuals, pellets or powders, this unique design draws the material from the top of the bag automatically. During the unloading operation, the carriage stretches the bag, forcing the material to the center, promoting continuous and complete discharge. Featuring a small foot print , the unloader can be utilized in tight spaces or low head room applications.  A center mast is fastened in place utilizing a 16” x 16” base plate secured to the floor. The wand actuator, bleed valve and hose connections are bolted to the top of the mast. Simple touch screen control allows for easy change out operation and adjustment to system settings.

Why Direct from Bag

Bulk Bag Unloading?