The VPA-1503 Dual Outlet Vacuum Pick-Up Adapter is commonly used in conjunction with feedbins or bag dump stations that require variable system infeed rates.  Quick release flange clamps allow for changeout and cleaning without tools.


The VPA-1503 Dual Outlet Vacuum Pick-Up Adapter utilizes a unique design to allow for multiple vacuum pickups from one adapter without additional connections.  

The adjustable bleed vacuum wands used in the pickup adapter consist of a inlet air collar that without tools adjust intake airflow.  Quick Release clamps allow for easy cleaning or size changeouts. 
Flow promotion with a single aeration pad which nearly eliminates the heel of material common with other designs. 


• Carbon Steel Painted Construction
• Two (2) Adjustable Bleed Outlet Wands
• Quick Release Clamps
• Universal Mounting Flange
• Sight Glass Viewing Win

Unload/ vacuum pick-up adapter



• 304 or 316 Stainless Steel Construction
• Universal Flange Adapter
• One to Four Outlets in a Single Adapter
• HEPA Filtered Air Intake 
• Aeration Pad for Flow Promotion
• Sight Glass Viewing Window
• Inert  Gas Purge Wand

AVailable Sizes:

• 1"-2 1/2" Diameter Outlet Tubes
• 1-4 Outlets (90° apart)

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