Unload/ Feedbin with casters and grate


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The PVS feed bin are used to precondition material for vacuum conveying prior to entering the air stream. Feed bins are most common under Bulk Bag unloading stations or other process machinery, in order to buffer surge material from the process above. The 2 Cu. Ft. feed bin body equipped with the dust hood and removable grate module make the feedbin an ideal solution for emptying bags in a dust free manner.


Stainless steel, easy cleaning or sanitary design
• Modular structure which allows for:
    - Quick Changeover of Lid or Cover
    - Universal Mounting Flange for adapting to many of            the PVS Discharge Devices
    - Dust Shroud (Hood) Vent for adaptation to central             dust collection system
    - Removable Bag Grate for 25 kg [55 lb] standard bags
    - Easy opening hatch with split cover design                         to minimize height
    - Stainless steel mesh to prevent ingress of pieces of           bags or oversize pieces
• 1 to 4 Vacuum Outlets Available with the PVS Vacuum       Pick-Up Adapter for all standard wand sizes from 11/2"     to 3".
• Alternative bottom pick-up (sanitary design) which allows   for washing and draining the feed bin.


• General Purpose 304 S.S. Material Contact Parts
• Leg Pack Providing 32" Work Surface
• Crack and crevice free welds, ground smooth
• 1.8 to 5.3 ft3 working volume
• Break Apart Construction for Easy Cleaning


• Caster Pak
• Aeration pads
• Vibrator
• Level probes
• Dust Shroud