108-03 Series - Blower Package

  • GF Series

  • VF Series

- 101 Series - Packaged Pneumatic Conveyors

Designed to handle bulk materials under vacuum over either short distances into a filter receiver with integrated vacuum power unit.

- 100 Series - Bedding Handling System


​  • VX Series

  • MX Series
  • LX Series

101 Series - Packaged Pneumatic Conveyor

- 108 Series - Vacuum Power Unit

Specifically designed for noise reduction of positive displacement and centrifugal blowers. Each enclosure is designed & manufactured by PVS to fit the 108 series Vacuum Blower Package.

- 103 Series - Filtered Material Receiver

Modeled to handle fine bulk materials in a vacuum type pneumatic conveying system. The modular design of the receiver allows flexibility in selection of construction material, power, filtration, receiver inlet size, outlet size and type of discharge to meet your current and future application requirements.

MX Series - Clean Bedding Delivery System

103-0302 Series - 16" Material Filter Receiver

Products / convey

(verb) to carry, bring, or take from one place to another; transport.

Dry bulk material conveying systems are critical in the effective movement of dry bulk material from silo, hopper, or bin storage, to holding, to processing operations. PVS pneumatic conveying, flexible screw conveyors, screw conveyors, vibratory conveyors, and material feeders are designed to move most any free-flowing material, including: powders, granules, blends, crystals, flakes, and more; without pre-conditioning. Our dry bulk material conveying systems can move high volumes of dry material safely and quickly throughout a material processing facility; regardless of vertical or horizontal flow requirements. Operators no longer need to lift bulk material, and since they are enclosed, eliminating costly material spillage and contamination.