• Tubular Bleed for aeration of material prior to transport
• Adjustable Bleed Airflow for desired conveying ratio 
• Purge ports for inert gas conveying

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Vacuum Wands are used to pick-up dry materials from drums, containers, gaylord or bulk bag boxes in vacuum dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems.


Specific for each application, vacuum wands are designed with a particular material in mind. In their simplest form, Tubular Bleed Wands, or more commonly called “lances,” feature a non-adjustable air intake.  This is commonly used with free-flow materials. Length and diameter can vary, as does end condition. 

​The more advanced Adjustable Bleed Wand features an outer collar used to vary intake air for optimal system performance.

The Inert Gas Purge Wand is equipped with a ball valve for connection to a inert motive gas source.  


• Diameter 11/2" thru 4" Tube (OD) or Pipe (SCH 10 or 40)

• Length Specified at time of order up to 60” LG (Standard)

• Material of Construction: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or • Aluminum (16 Ga. Thru SCH 40 wall thickness) 

• Bag Guards 

• Aeration Rings 

• Handles 

• Vibration Mounts

• Stands/ Tilt Tables

10-00 Series

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