VF - Series 

• For Convey Distances Up To 1,000' 
• For Use With Vacuum Rated Roll Off Type Dumpster
• Can Accommodate Multiple Dump Stations & Dumpsters

GF - Series 

• For Convey Distances Up To 1,000'
• Accommodates Small Totes Up To 12 Cu. Yrd. Dumpsters
• Can Be Configured With Multiple Dump Stations & Dumpsters

LX - Series 

• For Convey Distances Over 250'
• Centralized Vacuum Equipment For Easy Maintenance
• For Use One Or More Conveyorized Or Dosing TypeDispensers

MX - Series 

• For Convey Distances Up To 250'
• No Additional Space Required For Vacuum Equipment
• Easily Integrates With Existing Conveyorized Dispenser

VX - Series 

• For Conveying Distances Up To 100'
• Complete Unloading, Conveying & Dispensing System
• Dosing Type Dispenser w/ Integrated Dust Collection 


PVS Process Equipment specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of custom filling systems.  Completely enclosed convey lines ensure that there's no leaks or plugs in the conveyor.  PVS also understands and commits to meeting space and cleanliness standards. For access to the Resource Library contact us.