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Bulk bedding bags are loaded via pallet jack directly into the Direct from Bag Unloader in preparation for distribution.  The pickup wand is lowered into the bag and material is automatically conveyed via integrated vacuum blower within the dispenser.  Material is collected in the upper hopper receiver of the bedding dispenser in preparation for dispensing to cages.  Upon activation of the photo-sensor, a program adjustable amount of bedding is deposited into each cage, up to a total of four (4) per cycle.

All system operations are monitored and controlled by a PLC based system via full color touch screens at both the unloader and dispenser.  Communication between each component is designed into each system by the PVS team.

The VX series package is ideal for customers looking to take advantage of bulk bedding while improving facility operating efficiency.


• Stainless Steel Conveyance Network
• Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction
• Integral Dust Control at Dispenser
• HEPA Filtered Discharge
• Color Operator Interface (HMI)
• Painted NEMA 4/12 Enclosure
• Fully Integrated Controls
• Ethernet Communication Capable
• Compressed Air Regulation Kit
• Integral Air Compressor (O)


The PVS Process Equipment VX Series Clean Bedding Delivery System is designed to pneumatically convey clean bedding material from bulk bags over a distance of up to 100 feet vertically and horizontally to a dosing style standalone bedding dispenser.

This system is intended to be a turnkey solution for facilities looking to take advantage of bulk bedding while creating a safe working environment across all aspects of the operation.  Through intelligent packaging, this system requires very little floor space for deployment without sacrificing features.


• Turn Key Solution

• No Extra Floor Space Required

• Redundant Bulk Bag Unloading

• Simple & Fast Installation


14v Series Bulk Bag Unloader
504 Series Bedding Dispenser
803 Series Convey System Controller



• 30 AMP at 460 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz,
    o 504 Series Four Chute Bedding Dispenser

Compressed Air
• 10 CFM at 90PSI Clean & Dry Air (Intermittent Duty)
    o 14 Series Direct from Bag Unloader
• 4-6 CFM at 90PSI Clean & Dry Air (Intermittent Duty) 
    o  504 Series Four Chute Bedding Dispenser