A slide gate is used to automate the control of air-flow in dust control systems. As an alternative to the traditional blast gate, that loses pressure, a PVS automatic slide gate is applied to direct air-flow from one intermittant use pick-up point to another. 

In the closed position, an automatic slide gate shuts off air-flow to lines that are not in use. This prevents the loss of pressure in the system, keeping vacuum suction at its strongest where it’s needed. With air-flow provided only when required, reduces power is consumption, maximizing your systems efficiency.

The PVS automatic slide gate is designed to extract the maximum amount of dust or debris from a point in your system. They can be used with a variety of dry materials and applications, operating either manually or pneumatically. In dry applications, they are appropriate for low pressure systems that can accept a loss of pressure.  


• Stainless Steel Construction
• Food Grade Material
• Limit Switches
• Sanitary Inlet/Outlet 
• Limit Switch
• Control Station
• Flanged
• Clamped
•  Easy Duct
• Spiral Duct
• Manual Controls

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• Sizes range from 2" - 16”
• Tube stub ends
    ° Flanged, Duct, Clamped and Sanitary
• Pneumatically activated with magnet
• Stainless Steel Slide Plate
• Replaceable ware strips
• Powder coated finish
 Pressure rated to 8" HG.

Accessories/ Automatic Slide Gate


904-80-1000 Series