803 Series

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• Master Control Panel  (803-01 Series)
    o NEMA 4/12 Free Standing Enclosure
    o Painted ANSI 61 Gray
    o Non-Proprietary PLC Based System Controller
    o Variable Frequency Drive for Blower Package
    o 8” Color Operator Interface (HMI)
    o Analog Control of VFD by PLC
    o Analog Feedback from Pressure Transducer
    o Programming Port
    o Step Down Transformer
    o DC Power Supply
    o Ethernet Switch

• Remote Control Panel (803-02 Series)
    o NEMA 4/12 Wall Mounted Enclosure
    o 6” Color Operator Interface (HMI)
    o Remote I/O Controller
    o Compressed Air Perpetration Kit
    o Compressed Air Pressure Regulator


The PVS Process Equipment 803 Series Convey System Controller is a non-proprietary PLC based system wide controls package used to automate & control all process functions associated with vacuum pneumatic conveying systems.  The PLC incorporates both digital and analog control and features a power recovery program load function for all system operations. A large color touch screen is provided to allow operators the ability to adjust system parameters, monitor set points and alarm conditions. Remote control points are connected and controlled through common field bus & network protocols. 


The 803 Series Controller can communicate with one or more 803 Series Controllers to provide enhanced local operator function. The master control panel features finer control of system operating parameters, maintenance screens and user access control.  The PLC is capable of accepting remote connections from optional cellular or ethernet networks for the purpose of software maintenance, upgrades and fault diagnostics.


• NEMA 4X Stainless Steel Construction
• Custom Drive Packages
• Remote Cellular Modem
• NEMA 7/9 Enclosures
• Additional Silencers 
• Pipe Couplings & Size Reducers
• Temperature Switch
• Special Voltage Requirement
• NEC Class I, Div. 1, Groups G & D Class II, Div. 2, 
  Groups E, F & G

Automate/ Convey System Controller