607 Series

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• 14 Ga. Carbon Steel Construction 
• Powder Coat Finish Inside and Out
• PTFE Coated Polyester Filters (Washable Up to 4 times)
• Compressed Air Filter Cleaning System
• Microprocessor Controlled Operation 
• On Demand, Continuous or Off Line Cleaning Modes
• Air Preparation Package
• Compressed Air Reservoir
• Drum Cover with Latches
• 25 Gallon Drum with Vacuum Equalization Kit
• Drum Dolly


• 1.5 HP Fan: 650 CFM at 3" SP
• 3 HP Fan: 1,200 CFM at 5"  SP
• Primary Filter Efficiency: 99% at 1 Micron
• HEPA Filter Efficiency: 99.97% at .3 Micron


  • 1.5 HP Fan: 20 AMP at 120 Volt, 1 Phase, 60 Hertz

  • 3 HP Fan: 10 AMP at 460 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz (O)

Compressed Air:
4-6 CFM @ 90 PSI (Intermittent Duty)
        o  Clean & Dry, Free of Oil & Dirt


The PVS Process Equipment 607 Series Cartridge Style Dust Collector is designed for intermittent duty collection of dust from filling, unloading or dispensing equipment. Capable of 1,200 CFM and utilizing a microprocessor controller allow flexibility in operation. Filters can be cleaned continuously, on demand or on down-time using short blasts of compressed air.  A variety of standard options are available to customize the 607 series collector to meet the specific needs of each application.  


The 607 Series Cartridge Style Dust Collector features a narrow footprint, allowing it to fit tight spaces in and around process equipment. Multiple mounting options including direct-to machine, floor  standing or wall fastened mounting allow for even greater flexibility. Two inlets located on each side of the collector allow for onsite expansion without changes to existing ductwork. The blower can be mounted to the side (Vertical Outlet) or top (Horizontal Outlet) of the collector and is available in multiple horsepower and voltage configurations.  


• Stainless Steel Construction
• Seismic Tie-Downs
• Heavy Duty Casters Pack
• Integral Air Compressor
• Pneumatic Flow Promotion System
• Dust Drawer Configuration
• Wall Mounted Configuration
• Dust Container Level Sensor
• 230 Volt, 1 Phase Motor
• HEPA Filter Exhaust
• Exhaust Silencer
• Inlet Gate Valve
• Outlet Gate Valve
• Sprinkler Taps
• Explosion Suppression

Clean/ Cartridge dust Controller