• 304 S.S. #4 Finished Enclosure Panels & Hoppers
• 10 Cubic Foot of Storage Volume
• Adjustable Leveling Feet
• Vacuum Transfer from Refill Hopper to Dispensing Hopper
• 5ft Powered Stainless Steel Roller Table
• Vacuum Wand Filling System
• Cage Present & End of Conveyor Sensors
• Ready to Integrate into Central Bedding Supply System
• Vibratory Flow Promotion System
• Level Sensors in Dispensing and Refill Hopper
• Removable Enclosure Panels for Maintenance Access
• Microprocessor Control with Color Touch Screen Interface
    - Auto Stop Unload Sensor w/ Washer Interlock


• 30 AMP at 120 Volt, 1 Phase, 60 Hertz
• 10 AMP at 460 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz
  (MX Series Configurations Only)

Compressed Air:
• ½” NPTF Compressed Air Connection
    o    Air to be Clean & Dry, Free of Oil & Dirt
    o    Intermittent Usage, 4-6 CFM @ 90 PSI

506 Series


The PVS Process Equipment Series 506 In-line Bedding Dispenser is an automatic, conveyorized unit designed to fill clean or fresh bedding into animal cages as they are conveyed through the dispensing zone. The dispenser allows for the efficient and uniform filling of cages with a wide variety of free-flowing beddings, including paper products and wood chips commonly used in the life science industry.  The microprocessor controller with color touch screen interface allows for quick adjustability to the dispensed bedding volume, conveyor speed, and system settings.


The Series 506 Bedding Dispenser can be filled by emptying bags of bedding into the lower refill hopper or via the vacuum refill wand from a tote. Bedding is conveyed to the dispensing hopper by vacuum were it is held in preparation for clean cages. When cages are present in the dispensing zone, a photoelectric sensor triggers the dispensing of a continuous and uniform curtain of bedding across the conveyor, filling each cage evenly as it passes under. The amount of bedding dispensed is adjustable through the color touchscreen located on the front of the dispenser. Bedding not deposited in a cage is contained below the rollers in the refill hopper and returned for later use, eliminating waste. 


• Allergen Dust Collector
• HEPA Filter Exhaust
• Ergonomic Remote Filling Station
• Central Bulk Bedding Supply Integration
• Extended Flow Promotion Systems (Bedding Specific)
• Integral Air Compressor
• Heavy Duty Casters Pack
• Seismic Tie-Down

Fill/ IN-line "Rainfall" Bedding Dispenser 


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