501 Series

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• Stainless Steel Tubular Legs
• Painted Carbon Steel Tubular Support Frame
• Combination Feed Snout/Inflation Collar Head
• Inlet Valve
• Adjustable Bag Support Hooks
• Displacement Air Filter


• 24-240 VAC or VDC Universial Power Supply

Compressed Air:
• 2 CFM at 90 PSI (Intermittent Duty)
    o  Clean & Dry, Free of Oil & Dirt


Simple and sturdy, the “X” Frame Bulk Bag Filler features an innovative design that allows for access to bag straps from any side. The interface is a square tubular construction coupled with our innovative “X” frame design. Telescoping legs allow for infinite adjustability taking the hassle out of installation and fit-up with upstream process equipment.

A combination inner/outer feed snout with inflation collar eliminates dust leakage and product loss while filling bags. Level controller detect when bags are full to signal feed system to stop. 


Heavy Duty tubular steel construction with stainless steel telescoping legs. Bag loading spout with bag inflation port and exhaust port with filter. A wide variety of filling devices can be accommodated. Multiple styles of level controller can detect height level in bag.


• Receiver Mounting Kit
• Customizable Color
• Silencer/ Relief Valve for Controlled Air Removal
• Weigh Frame with Four Load Cells and Summing Box
• Bag Tensioning Straps
• Densification Table
• Roller Conveyor

Fill/ Bulk Bag Fill Frame