• Stainless Steel Construction
• Custom Color – Painted Coating
• Integrated Bin Activators
• Inlet Gate Valve
• Dump, Butterfly or Orifice Discharge Valves
• Sprinkler Taps
• Explosion Suppression 


The PVS Process Equipment Series 206 Modular Storage Silo is intended to be utilized as an intermediate storage container for additional system capacity.  Typically located near the material loading point, this line of storage silos can accommodate a number of filling methods, inlet and outlet sizes.


The 206 Series of material silos utilize modular construction for ease of installation, maintenance and reconfiguration as system throughput needs change.  Upper sections can accommodate both pneumatic and gravity filling applications.  Lower sections can easily be fitted (or refitted) with a variety of outlet types including funnels, bin activators, screw feeder and pickup adapters.

Standard Specifications

• Carbon Steel Construction with Painted Coating
• Adjustable Support Leg Package
• Universal Mounting Flange
• Adjustable Bleed Pick-Up Adapter
• Inlet and Outlet Air-Flow Control Valves
• High and Low Level Sensors
• Vibrator Mount 
• Aeration Type Flow Promotion System

206 Series

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