101-1601 Series

Convey/ Packaged Pneumatic Conveyor 



The PVS Series 101 Packaged Pneumatic Conveyor is designed to handle fine bulk materials under vacuum over short distances into an integrated filter receiver with on board vacuum power unit.   The 101 Series conveyor is available in two versions for either general conveying or keep full/refill applications, with a selection of discharge valve types (gravity, slide plate and butterfly), depending on the application and material to be fed. 


In General Conveying, The vacuum power unit draws material into the receiver until a timed cycle expires, at which point the material is discharged into the process below. For Keep Full Systems, The vacuum power unit draws material into the receiver until it is full and discharges the complete contents upon signal from the equipment to be filled. This cycle is then automatically repeated. 


The configurable design of the 101 Packaged Conveyor allows   for a high degree of customization.  Available in either mild steel or stainless steel construction and can be painted or finished to the application requirements. 

Standard Specifications

• Carbon Steel Construction w/ Powder Coated Finish
• Integral Vacuum Power Unit
• Removable/ Replaceable Radial Inlet
• High Level Sensor Port
• Hinged Cover for Tool-less Access to Filter Elements
• PTFE Coated Polyester Filters (Washable)
• Compressed Air Regulator and Filter
• Microprocessor Controlled Operation
• Continuous or Off Line Cleaning Modes
• Pulse Filter Cleaning System


• Pickup Vacuum Wand or Fill Funnel
• Flexible Hose Lengths to 20'
• Inlets Range From 1" to 4" Diameter
• Receiver Volume from 1/4 to 4 Cubic Feet
• Cartridge or Bag Filters 
• Venturi, Electric or Regenerative Style Blower
• Hinged or Lift Off Filter Access Cover
• Free Standing or Hanging Support Frames
• Remote Start/ Stop Station
• Universal Mounting Flange 
• Multi-Convey System Controller


Based upon selection of vacuum power unit electrical:
• Venturi Operation, 10 AMP at 120 Volt, 1 Phase, 60 Hertz
• Electric Blowers, 30 AMP at 120 Volt, 1 Phase, 60 Hertz
• Regen Blowers, 30 AMP (Max.), 460 Volt3 Phase, 60 Hertz

Compressed Air:
• Single Jet Operation, 30 CFM @ 60-80 PSI 
• Twin Jet Operation, 60 CFM @ 60-80 PSI  
• Electric & Regen Blower, 4-6 CFM at 60-80 PSI
    o  Clean & Dry, Free of Oil & Dirt

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