207 Series

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• Outside Rail Understructure
• Painted “Blue Gray”
• ¼" Plate Construction On Floor, Sides, Roof & Door
• 7 Gauge Formed Channel Sides & Roof Stakes
• 6" x 2" x ¼" Tubing Long Stills
• Structural Rated to 24 1/2" Hg and Water Tested
• 6 5/8" O.D. Front & Rear Rollers
• Male Cam Lock Inlet with Deflector Plate
• Male Cam Lock Outlet
• (2) Level Sensor Ports, Top Mounted
• 4" NPT Capped Outlet at Bottom of Door
• Fully Gasketed Rear Door with Adjustable Latches & Hinge
• High Level Sensor (Capacitance Type Probe)
• Electrical Junction Box For Communication Quick Disconnects 


 • 1 AMP at 120 Volt, 1 Phase, 60 Hertz
        o Utility connections at control panel, field located


The PVS Process Equipment 207 Series Vacuum Rated Container is used as a primary settling chamber for conveyed materials being disposed of as waste. Typically located on a loading dock inline between one or more dump stations and the vacuum producing equipment, the sealed container offers a variety of sizing options to meet the storage demands of each installation.


The 207 Series Vacuum Container is designed to withstand the high vacuum levels associated with conveying waste materials. The full opening rear door provides easy and complete clean out of the container. Up to three (3) point or continuous level transmitters can be installed to monitor the remaining capacity inside the container. Manual racheting hinge and hook allow for uniform compression of the door gasket to ensure a full and complete seal. Hose connections to and from the container are accomplished with cam type locking clamps. A top mounted manway is provided for inspection.


• Continuous Level Transmitter
• Heavy Duty Casters
• Sprinkler Taps
• Sight Glass Viewing Window
• Differential Pressure Switch
• Custom Color Paint
• Non-Marking Rollers

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